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Jazz improvisation & advance trumpet lessons

Trumpeter Pete Rodriguez has got a sound and drive that any fan of Freddie Hubbard or Clifford Brown is going to love. He’s got this way of attack that will grab you by the throat and swing you around the room a few times…. Lots of good energy flying around on this one.”

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

In addition to being an in-demand recording artist and jazz trumpeter, I also teach trumpet, and jazz improvisation to intermediate and advance students looking to improve their playing skills.

As a graduate of Texas Unisversity and Rutgers, I have studied with the very best teachers in the industry, including Mark Gould, Phil Smith, Vincent Penzarella and Cecil Bridgewater. I bring a combination of their teachings as well as my own experience into the lessons I prepare for my students. I work with each individual student to device a lesson that is intended for and works for their level of playing.

In addition to being a faculty member at the local college, I offer private instruction fat my studio in Austin, TX or online via online video chat systems.

While my focus is on jazz, I teach all all styles, including classical to all levels of musicians looking to improve their playing and gaining a better understanding of what it takes to play music professionally.

Topics that I cover include: Fundamental Technique (embouchure, breathing, tone production, tonging, etc.), Style (phrasing, interpretation, genre-specific practices, etc.), Endurance and Range. For Jazz studies we work on: Listening, Transcribing, Ear-Training, Chord Knowledge and Application, Style, and Improvisation.

Please email me at gigs@peterodriguezmusic.com to discuss your particular situation and get you started with lessons.

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